Season 2!  Travaille

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The wonderful, and so much more than locally famous, Mrs. Alzina Toups was gracious enough to sit down with me.  This conversation covers so much, just listen.  
We all find a moment in our lives when we look around and see the winds that are blowing around us, see the tides that are rising and falling.  Mr. James Hebert talks to us about being in the middle of the world when it was shifting.
Do you remember that house from when you were a kid?  The scary one that kids would have to dare each other to run up to, let alone enter?  This is how the outside world sees the Swamp, so beloved of this month's guest, Mr. Jonathan Foret of the Houma Terrebonne Wetlands Discovery Center.  Brace yourself for monsters, tales of passion and loss, and of course, The Rou Ga Rou!   
Much and more shapes any culture, and here, out on the edges of the world, our ecology shapes and molds every aspect of our lives as it has for generations.  My interview with Dr. Gary LaFleur of Nicholls State University brings us insight, laughter, and that rarest of birds, hope.  Enjoy!
This is our first Interview episode!  Here we explore the First Nations, the people who were here before the Acadians or any other Europeans arrived. Donny Verdin has given us an amazing conversation.  
This is an introduction, a greeting and a quick look at the history of how the Acadians came to live in Louisiana.  There's also a bit about how my family connects to that history.  Running time: