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Ecology, preservation, and care, holding onto the parts of our culture that fuel our soul, our stories and our art, combine with the landscape of the formidiable Swamp in the heart of Mr. FOret of Houma Louisiana.  Click below to learn more about his work at the Wetlands Discovery Center, and, of course, The RouGaRou Festival!   
This episode delves into the ecology and how those life cycles effect the lives we build out here in Cajun country.  The teaching of how those lives meet and mingle is the life's work of my guest Nicholls State's own, Dr. Gary LaFleur.  Here are a few sites to help you to learn more about him, his work and his mission.  

  This is a subject that is larger than any one episode, larger than any Podcast.  Look at the links below as a small jumping off point into a world of history and complex social interactions.  This is a topic more than worth exploring.  Thanks so much for your interest. 



Acadian History: